Republican Navel Gazing

Ruminations on the election aftermath and internecine Republican party establishment squabbles (see also: snipe hunting):

Dems drove the messaging, played offense, turned out their base, and exploited the politics of fear, deceit, personal destruction of the opposition, and were generally successful in avoiding discussion of their record, their intent for the future, and the reality of our present situation domestically and internationally.  (Yes, yes, with the enthusiastic help of a sycophantic media machine.)

Reps, controlled by the “establishment” of the party, put forth their candidate – Dole III – ignoring a huge and powerfully motivated chunk of their base (can you say “Chik-fil-a?”  How about “November 2010?”), proved inarticulate in explaining (a) how shaky this economy really is and hammering home what will now happen with the full implementation of Obamacare, (b) the relevance and proper position of social values in the national psyche as related to our Constitution, and (c) the fundamental message of Conservatism as the single best way for individuals to thrive when government is out of the way.  (Yes, yes, with the enthusiastic help from some candidate’s genuinely idiotic gaffes.)

I note that the moderate [read:non-Conservative] Republicans in the races tended to lose, and that enthusiasm for “crossing the aisle” [read:tossing one's principles in order to - maybe - get a seat at the grown-up table] was markedly absent from, well, anyone but the Democrats.

Pundits and analysts and consultants (oh my!) wringing their hands over demographics, how going forward to appeal to Democrat/liberal women, Latinos, ad infinitum are missing the point.  Those constituencies suffer from dependence on handouts, ignorance of history, lack of curiosity and critical thought, and cannot be changed save through the long process of education, making continued inroads into reducing the impact of the still-dominant media, and, perhaps most importantly, weaning them from the teat of a statist government.  That last will be the most difficult, but it will, eventually, happen.  Either in a controlled and managed manner, or through the inevitable collapse of the entire house of cards.

Leadership in the Republican party is in need of a purge.  A start has been made with some of the newer winning candidates and the battle must be joined vigorously and right away.  Compromise, as defined by the Democrats, is NOT the solution.  The clock is ticking.





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One Response to Republican Navel Gazing

  1. “I note that the moderate [read:non-Conservative] Republicans in the races tended to lose” – We lost all the low hanging fruit – Richard Mourdock lost in Indiana. How can a Republican LOSE Indiana? Todd Akin lost in Missouri. Here in Texas, the GOP redrew Francisco Canseco’s TX-23 congressional district with more Republicans – and he lost.

    Market economics is about making choices. Our candidates we’re simply not appealing to the voters. I’ll grant you that Romney had a lot of weaknesses, but problems extend beyond just him. These astonishing Senate loses show this. It’s just like two years ago when we lost the opportunity to defeat the unpopular Harry Reid in the state with one of the worst economies in the country.

    On your statement “Leadership in the Republican party is in need of a purge.” — I personally find quite old fashioned. Sure, maybe if this were 1988 before the Internet. Political parties are weaker then ever because like everything else there is more competition, Couple this with the fact that political parties are essentially mobs (Federalist #10) and by definition mobs have no leadership – it’s going to require more then new apparatchiks at the helm.

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