This One Really Does Matter

The nominees are nominated, the convention speeches spoken, and the media onslaught that is a modern US Presidential campaign begins in earnest.

Brace yourselves!

History shows that, sadly, it’s been but a tiny part of the electorate paying serious attention up to this point in the process.  I’m not quite sure how true that might be this time around.  At any rate, I hope We the People have the wherewithal to get involved now, because this contest truly matters.   My five-plus decades as an American have me believing this an election of staggering import.  In 60 days, We the People vote.  More accurately, the percentage of We the People actually involved in the process will determine a future for us all from, essentially, two alternatives.

One will effectively establish as the new order a callous disregard of our brilliant Constitution, the rule of law, and general lack of critical scrutiny by the dominant press, pushing us past the point where the momentum of the decline in which we’ve been can be reversed, rendering us incapable of self-governance.  Oh, “America” will still exist, for perhaps a long time yet.  But it will not be the Republic so masterfully conceived by, and purchased with the blood of, our ancestors.  It will be tyranny, under whatever label one wishes to apply; statism, socialism, communism.  A gentle tyranny, at first, perhaps led by the most well-intentioned so-called elites, but tyranny nevertheless.  And the good nature unique to the people who make up America, that spirit of independence and charity and grace, will gradually diminish.  The light of hope that draws people to this land will eventually be no longer visible.

The other, God willing, will find us beginning the process of returning, with much pain and noise and kicking and screaming, to the tenets and values upon which we were founded, our Republic having led to the greatest expansion of human freedom and prosperity in history.

Should the choice be the latter, it will be an extraordinarily difficult challenge that faces those who made it.  Those opposed will be angry, bitter, unreasonable, and operating generally out of a morbid, ignorance-based fear.  Those supporting will find themselves tempted to trust those they’ve put in positions of authority, and get back to truly important things like their faith and family.  I truly hope that such as these add as a priority to their lives keeping abreast of what happens after, holding accountable those they’ve entrusted, and turning their energies as well to educating those in our next generation.

In the coming days I’ll be elaborating on these thoughts, along with others.  I hope you’ll join me, and add your words as well.

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3 Responses to This One Really Does Matter

  1. Vicky Suarez says:

    I, for one, will support Romney should he become our next president. Just so you know. Even though I pray for Obama’s re-election, I will not be bitter and unreasonable. I will show the office and the person the respect he deserves. I wil include Romney and his family in my prayers for safety and wisdom.

  2. Kitty McGahey says:

    Like the electrons illuminating the sky in your banner picture, humans tend to take the path of least resistance. Unlike the electrons, however, humans can consciously choose to do otherwise. Nothing in this great nation’s history has ever been easy and there is no reason to expect that to change now. Our Constitution does not contain the solution but it most certainly contains the guidance that we need. There are no easy answers to be had and the difficult ones will only come from the free and open exchange of ideas. Perhaps the scariest aspect of our Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech is the fact that every single person in this country has the right to be wrong. We all must have the courage to embrace that fact. Our Constitution, itself, is Government 2.0 and it was hammered out by people with widely different, and passionately held, views. We the People are no less than our forefathers and the task before us is no greater. We are up to this challenge if we make the conscious choice to meet it.

Your words?