Weak, in Review

Well, well.  Quite the eventful week in the Land of the Broke and the World at Large.  Let’s see …

The ludicrously dubbed “Arab Spring” deteriorates into a deadly Autumn, heading now toward a bitter, long Winter.  Reacting to the brutal murders of diplomatic personnel and to the dozens of US embassies under violent protest and outright attack, President Obama tells Netanyahu to not let the door hit him in the ass on his way out, yuks it up with Letterman, and heads to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser.  Campaign operatives move his scheduled speech from a large outdoor venue to a smaller indoor arena due to good weather.

Media responds with withering assault on the timing of candidate Romney’s remarks (after careful collaboration on their strategy), and report on ridiculously skewed polls showing the Presidential race still very close.  And photos of a topless Kate Middleton.

Unionized Chicago teachers abandon children (only half of whom might graduate, if they live that long), rejecting a 16% raise.  Schools remain open, though, so breakfast and lunch can be served.  CPS is $1.2 billion in the red, Union official says “This is our Arab Spring.”

First Lady Michelle Obama identifies our greatest national security threat as obesity (perhaps a veiled suggestion to Chicago schools to not feed the kids?).

Fed chair Bernanke announces another stimulus, $40 billion a month to cover mortgage-backed securities, with no ending date.  Said $ to come from … oh, wait.

Oh!  The iPhone 5, much criticized by those “in the know,” sells out in first day of sales.

God help us.


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2 Responses to Weak, in Review

  1. Gene Mierzejewski says:

    I have to scrub my body with a Brillo pad every day to atone for the fact that I spent nearly 35 years as a card-carrying member of the Mainstream Media, aka the Kennel of Obama’s Lapdogs. Fortunately, I was run out … er, took a buyout in early 2008, so I didn’t get drenched by the slobbering of the pups when The One pranced to the Democratic nomination.

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